Warm Ups

Warm Ups are a necessary, learning component of WV Studies/Civics 8. Notebook checks occur randomly throughout every unit, with at least one notebook check conducted within each unit. Students are to record Warm Up questions, along with the date of the Warm Up into their notebooks. Questions must be answered in complete sentences for the Warm Up to be credited. Typically, one to three Warm Ups are inspected per notebook check. Only those Warm Ups and notes assigned during the current unit will subject to inspection, so students need only maintain a notebook which incorporates notes from the current unit and its associated Warm Ups. Students are not permitted to return to lockers to retrieve forgotten materials once the notebook check has commenced, as a primary objective of the notebook check is to train students to bring necessary materials to class on a daily basis.

Warm Ups from the Current Unit:

9/30 How did North American natives become known as "Indians?"
10/1 What is the largest conical mound in West Virginia?

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