Choice Board

During each unit, students must complete a series of Choice Board activities totaling, on average, 100 points in accrued value. Most students are free to choose any activity or combination of activities necessary to reach this level. 

Note: All submissions must reflect learning from the current unit. In other words, if we are studying the Cold War, then students must demonstrate through their Choice Board their learning of the Cold War in or connected to West Virginia. Submissions not directly connected to the present unit cannot be counted.

​Directions and Point Accrual: Students should, as always, read all directions on the applicable Choice Board grading sheet ​PRIOR​  ​to beginning any Choice Board selection. Asking questions before starting work, and following directions completely during work, will prevent wasted effort and undue frustration. Plan your work and schedule as necessary, and above all, understand what is required for each submission. Once you have read all directions, if you still have questions, ask. I will be more than happy to help you understand.

On Choice Board selections, students earn only positive points, so long as their products reflect sincere, conscious effort. However, students submitting only 100 points worth of effort run the risk of not accruing full credit in the event that any portion fails to meet the set project standards.  So, if a student earns 90% on a minimal submission count (90 correct answers out of 100 attempts provided) a score of 90% will be shown in LiveGrades (90/100). However, a student who accrues 90% (110 correct answers out of 122 attempts) will show 110% in LiveGrades (110/100).

Since multiple submissions may be tallied to reach the point total, students should retain all returned submissions to confirm the total in LiveGrades corresponds with the returned submissions. Should a discrepancy arise—a rare, but not unheard-of occurrence— the student will need those papers to reconcile the discrepancy.

Choice Board selections are graded on criteria unique to each selection. In other words, maps are graded differently than are posters, which differ in grading from historical fiction. The exact criteria measured in summarized under the subsection “Grade Components” on each Choice Board Instruction Sheet. The score for each component meeting the standard outlined, will accrue points at a rate as stated in the “Grading” subsection. Each selection has a maximum value which, once reached, cannot be exceeded and is listed clearly under the “Maximum Credit” subsection.


Students are free to select and single project or combination of projects they would enjoy completing, but must meet the preset submission total (usually 100 per unit) to maximize their scoring opportunity.


No selection may be repeated twice for credit in a semester. In other words, once a student has submitted a poster in September (first semester), for instance, she cannot submit another poster in a later unit for Choice Board credit in until the second semester (January or later).


However, graphic organizers either from the provided selections, or of the student’s own creation, may be used once per type of organizer per unit, up to a maximum of two organizers per unit. The same type of organizer cannot be repeated in the same semester.


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