Bill Phrampus Horseback in Cozumel
Bill Phrampus is a native of New Jersey who has, thanks mainly to his years in the US Air Force after high school, lived in eight states, and has visited a total of 33 others. Having spent the majority of his adult life in Louisiana, during and after his service, he is married to a New Orleans native, who also served in the Air Force.

Mr. Phrampus holds a graduate certificate in American History, a Masters of Education in Social Studies, and an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences. He has graduated from or attended: ​​The Community College of the Air Force​​, ​​The University of Phoenix​​, ​​Ashford University​​, ​​Norwich University, and American Public University. 

Mr. Phrampus has three children, one of whom graduated from Potomac Falls High (VA), and another from Jefferson High (Go Cougars!). His youngest, is currently a 9th grader at Jefferson High. His eldest attended both Virginia Commonwealth and American Public Universities, while his middle daughter is on the cusp of graduating from American Public after serving four years in the US Air Force.

Both elder children are married, one living in Richmond, VA and the other in Pensacola, FL. 

Mrs. Phrampus served in the Persian Gulf in the years immediately following the First Persian Gulf War (1990-91). She was stationed at Dhahran Air  Base in Saudia Arabia, barracked in Khobar Towers, the site of a terror attack against US troops in June of 1996, though she had been redeployed months before the bombing and was not directly affected.

Mr. Phrampus believes that children are indeed the future, and that as such, a serious commitment to uncovering every child's potential is his paramount responsibility as an educator. To that end, he has implemented a rigorous curriculum for his classroom, one that emphasizes critical thinking, language arts and math skills reinforcement, and self-reliance and responsibility.

Mr. Phrampus provides many opportunities for students of various intellectual abilities, learning types, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds to shine. However, as Thomas Edison put it, "Opportunity is missed by [some] because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work." In his class, Mr. Phrampus expects students to earn their grades, through application of the ideas and concepts introduced. He does not usually assign specific homework, however. Rather, students are required to select a number of varied activities (he calls these Legos), which are designed to allow the students to demonstrate their understanding in ways best suited to their specific talents. 

His is an active participation classroom. This requires students to interact with other students and with Mr. Phrampus on a daily basis. A percentage of each student's grade will reflect his/her speaking out in discussions, asking quality questions, challenging the views of students, experts, and even Mr. Phrampus as the lessons unfold. It is expected that every student express him- or herself in class. Sitting silently will not maximize points in WV Studies/Civics 8.

Please encourage your student to discuss what we have studied in class each day. Mr. Phrampus will present many arguments (positions on an issue), and will (hopefully), touch a nerve or two on occasion. Getting students to talk about societal topics in a candid, near-adult manner is a prime objective of this class. Be ready to engage your student in a spirited debate should they express opinions (theirs, his or someone else's) that differ from what you believe. This is the best way to help them grow to understand the diversity which cements and undergirds our republic.

Mr. Phrampus is at your disposal should you need assistance. LiveGrades messaging and email are the best avenues, but he can also be reached by cell. His number is listed on his business card available from him upon request.

Good luck to all this year! God bless the USA!

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