About SMS Cheer


Cheerleading at the middle school is not quite like cheerleading in recreational and youth leagues. Cheering at this level requires the athletes to work hard during scheduled practices and during their personal time. The cheer season runs from August through the last week of February. It is extremely challenging for a student athlete to participate in any other sport during this season due to the demanding schedule. Practices will be held 3-5 days per week, in addition to one football game per week during football season, and two basketball games per week during basketball season. Coaches will do their best to keep a consistent schedule, distributed in a timely manner in order to allow time to make transportation arrangements.

Coaches also try their best to keep the cost low for parents as well. Cheerleaders will need to purchase the following items throughout the season:

*2 pairs of briefs/"spankies"...approx. $8/pair

*3 mid-drifts...approx. $15/piece

*cheer shoes...approx. $75/pair

*bows (as needed throughout the season)...approx. $10-15/bow

*warm up pants and jacket...approx. $120

*bag...approx. $35

*competition choreography...approx. $100

*hotels for away competitions...approx. $100 (for ALL competitions)

Again, coaches shop around for the most reasonable prices, making sure to save money where possible. Coaches also "spread it out" so not all the money will be needed at one time. If the athlete already has mid-drifts or briefs in the correct colors that are in good condition (not tattered or torn) or know someone that has them in their size, they are more than welcome to use those instead of purchasing brand new ones. In the past, cheerleaders have been able to get two-three years out of their mid-drifts and briefs!

Up to twenty cheerleaders can be selected to make the competition team. This team is selected based on tryout scores and improvement the week before choreography camp. Tumbling (standing and running), jumps (tight, controlled, good form), strong motions, consistent stunting, and the ability to perform (facials, expression) are considered when selecting the competition team.

Tumbling is not required, but it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. Coaches are not tumbling instructors, so it is imperative for the cheerleader wanting to gain tumbling skills to enroll in a tumbling class. Coaches will NOT spot athletes working on BRAND new skills!!!

Coaches are extremely excited for a new season, looking forward to seeing old and new faces!

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