Welcome to SMS Chorus!

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Molly Wildman

On-Site Chorus Remote Learning Classtime on TEAMS- A Days 9:15-10:15am
JVA Chorus Classtime on TEAMS- A Days 10:30-11:30am
Virtual Office Hours for calls or one-on-one TEAMS time- A days from 11:30am-noon




Have we been singing this school year?

Yes, safety procedures we have followed include masks on at all times, classroom chairs set up 3 feet apart, 4 classroom windows open to circulate fresh air, singing outdoors when weather permitted, and limiting indoor singing to 20 minutes per class period.  We have been singing in the on-site and JVA classes.

Does chorus do performances?

Yes, in a normal school year, chorus performs winter and spring concerts, as well as community performances during the Christmas season, national anthem performances at Shepherd U. sports events, trips to elementary schools to perform, and 2 years ago, we participated in a choral festival in Berkeley County, where we won 1st place!

What is the class like?

Chorus and band are the 2 middle school "related arts" classes that students get to choose for their schedule, and they last the whole school year.  All other classes rotate.  It is a scheduled class, so there is no pull-out from other classes to be able to participate.  We spend time learning to sing, prepare performances, read, and explore music.  You earn grades just like any other middle school class.  There are no participation fees or audition for chorus.           

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